Thursday, August 20, 2009

Invite : Join us on the Mass Public Cycling Awareness Drive on GM foods and its health effects : 22nd August, 15.00 hrs

Dear all!,

    The Convening Collective in Delhi who are leading the I AM NO LAB RAT
Consumer Awareness Campaign at Delhi, targeted towards the Prime Minster to
take a stand on stopping hazardous Genetically Modified food from
contaminating the Indian food chain, is conducting a Mass Public Awareness
cycling drive to raise awareness on  Genetically Modified foods and its
adverse health effects. More than 200 cyclists to join the drive including
school children.

    The Cyclists would be wearing costumes of vegetables like Brinjal,
Tomato, Potato etc.

    Date : 22nd August, Saturday
    Time : 15.00 hours
    Route : Starting from Lodhi Garden and will be ending at Nehru Park.

Join our facebook event page at

    The event to be flagged off by noted Broadcaster and Social Activist
Shamshir Rai Luthra
    We are looking for volunteers who could participate in this drive.
Participating people
please confirm your presence either Selva @ 9891358457 or Sukriti @

Best Regards,
on behalf of Convening Collective in Delhi,
I am no lab rat campaign.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Kriti ecoCafe and Films on Monsoon, Water and Climate Change / Climate Change Malhaar; 21-23 August 2009

Dear friends
we are running the Kriti ecoCafe at this festival of films at the American Center
from 21st to 23rd August. so do come one or more days. we promise you some homemade,
tasty, healthy and eco friendly food and drink along with some books, films and things
to pick up for friends and family....
do come! 
011-26027845/ 26033088


Presented by Red Earth as part of The Monsoon Festival 4
In Association with American Center

Films on monsoon, water & climate change. Eco-friendly music. ecoCafe by Kriti team

Himanshu Verma

Friday 21 August 2009, 6-10:30 pm
Saturday 22 August 2009, 4-10:00 pm
Sunday 23 August 2009, 10:30 am – 9:00 pm

American Center; 24 Kasturba Gandhi Marg; New Delhi - 110001

Open to all on a first come first served basis.
Photo ID is required to enter The American Center.
Mobile phones are allowed, but photography through mobile phones is prohibited.
Parking available at Antriksh Bhawan (next to American Center).

The film segment of The Monsoon Festival 4 will showcase an eclectic mix of feature films and
documentaries to entertain as well as provoke thought on several environmental issues related to
the monsoon. Documentaries on water explore issues such as rainwater harvesting, the politics of
urban water supply, dwindling water resources, the problem of floods, and the global problem of
water. Other sessions featuring documentaries on climate change address various aspects of the
problem of climate change, as reflected in different parts of India, from Leh to Sunderbans to
Orissa. There is also a special session for children, featuring film screenings and a workshop.
As a finale to the film screenings, we present Climate Change Malhaar, an eclectic mix of music
on the theme of monsoon, environment and climate change.

Friday 21 August, 6-10:30 pm: Paani Paani Re: Films on Water

6:10 pm: Film Festival Opening

6:20 pm: Umbrella / Nandita Das / 90 secs
Waterworks / Pradip Saha / 24 mins
The Land of Vanishing Lakes / Ishani Dutta / 24 mins
Water Business is Good Business / Sanjay Barnela & V. Sabharwal / 26 mins
Brief Presentations of Water Conservation Projects

8:00: Interaction with the film-makers

8:30: Eco-Fun and Networking Break

9:00 – 10:30 pm: Flow: For The Love of Water / Irena Selina / 84 mins

Saturday 22 August, 4-10:00 pm: Mausam Badal Gaya Hai: Films on Climate Change
Monsoon Wedding

4:00pm: Chac: The Rain God / Rolando Klein / 95 mins.

6:00 pm: A Degree of Concern / Syed Fayaz /12 mins

Climates’ First Orphans / Nila Madhab Panda /12 mins

The Weeping Apple Tree / Vijay S. Jodha / 15 mins

A Green Agony / Geeta Singh / 15 mins

7:00: Interaction with the film-makers

7:30: Eco-Fun and Networking Break

8:00 – 10:00 pm: Monsoon Wedding / Mira Nair / 116 mins.

Sunday 23 August, 10:30 am – 9:00 pm: Indradhanush: Kids Special
Mixed Bag
Climate Change Malhaar: Eco-Friendly Music

10:30 am: Kids Special: The Blue Umbrella / Vishal Bhardwaj / 90 mins

12:10 pm: Eco-Fun and Networking Break

12:30 pm: Kids Special: Galli Galli Sim Sim / Priya Somiah and Niret J Alva/22 mins
Followed by interaction with the muppets!

1:15 – 2:00 pm: Workshop for Children / Lunch Break
The Boat Project: Participants will make paper boats and draw messages on the boats
representing environmental issues.

2:15 pm: An Inconvenient Truth / Davis Guggenheim / 100 mins

4:00 pm: Eco-Fun and Networking Break

4:30 pm: Mumbai Mega Floods / Maya Rao/ 51 mins

5:30 pm – 7:00 pm: Eco-Fun and Networking Break

7:00-9:00 pm: Climate Change Malhaar: Eco-friendly Music
Suchet Malhotra – Stories Through Sound
Jigri – Songs on rain and compositions on climate change
Baul Music – Kartik Das Baul sings songs on rain, water and earth
Piyush Wadhera – Bollywood covers, kajris

Refreshments available for sale at Kriti Eco-Café.

Chill out in our Eco-lounge with music and eco-friendly products.


Sign up to the Kriti Film Club

For details of films & schedule, please visit


Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about AID

Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for your assistance.

Read more about AID philosophy, and about how AID projects involve Community in decision making process.
Read about how to volunteer with AID and also about responsibilities of an AID volunteer.

Learn about a CSH and an ORM and also about the difference between them. Know about our newsletter 
and also about the email listserves.

Learn about AID Delhi's "meal a month" drive and also about how AID volunteers are instrumental in keeping
the operational costs of the organization low.



If the above URL's don't work you can read the same on our website :

Monday, August 17, 2009

Update on Campaign Cooordinator for I AM NO LAB RAT Delhi campaign

Dear all,


Please send out the Job Profile for the Delhi I AM NO LAB RAT campaign to as many

NGO people as you are in touch with, University Professors, especially
Departments of Social Work at DU, JNU and Jamia. Who will have the contacts?


You could use the following covering note; please do make it more intimate/formal as
per the recepient.  Also it will be good if we can use the
ID to send this around.






Dear ______


As you know, the 2nd phase of the I AM NO LAB RAT Campaign was kick-started on
the 1st of July by noted singer Rabbi Shergill with a Cycle Rally of citizens dressed as
indigenous "threatened" vegetables, followed by an outreach effort with eminent religious
leaders and a vibrant day-long Brinjal Festival at Dilli Haat.


However, we now need to increase and intensify our sensitisation efforts, reaching out to
every Delhi'ite possible through targeting RWA's, students at University, and experienced
and interested NGO-workers; with a focus on keeping the issue alive in the media with
weekly updates and fortnightly events. 


For this, we are looking for a full-time Campaign Coordinator, preferably with experience in
campaigning for people's democratic rights. Awareness about the issue of the serious ecological,
health and economic hazards of GM crops is preferable, though not necessary. Remuneration,
paid as a Fellowship, would be reasonable.


Those interested may apply before the 31st of August 2009 to


Please circulate this mail amongst all those qualified and interested amongst civil-society
groups and friends/accquaintances.


Warm regards,

_Radha Kapuria_______________

=91 9871334266

for the Convening Collective in Delhi,

I AM NO LAB RAT Campaign

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Dr Deepak Purohit wrote to Presidents about Swine Flu (Wearing masks is not MUST)

Dr Deepak Purohit wrote to Presidents about Swine Flu (Wearing masks is not MUST)


My dear Presidents,

I agree with you that swine flu awareness is needed, but there is no

need to be panicky and join the publicity propaganda carried out by media
and others which acts as a vehicle to spread misconception than to spread scientific information.

These are few facts about swine flu when discussed with the leading epidemiologists.

1) Swine flu, that is H1N1 flu is not new, first detected in 1987
2) Infective stage of flue is 5 days, 1 day before and 4 days after onset of symptoms
3) The best way to prevent it spreading is asking patient having symptoms of flu like fever
cough and running nose to take rest at home for 4 days so he does not transmit it
4) Masks are of limited value if any, in this disease, it can spread through droplets
on your skin, through contact etc, and I have seen that the masks in Pune are worn
as fashion statement, while walking on road today morning I saw people wearing
masks coming out for a morning walk with their dogs!, many wearing masks around
their necks, and so on, infact these masks shall act as the vehicles to carry the virus,
instead, avoiding crowded places or cinema halls or malls where air conditioners are
on, is advisable, because you get recalculated air, where the virus density multiplies

5) Death after H1N1 flu is not common; in fact, infections like measles are taking toll of
thousands more every year, and we are oblivious of the facts. Swine flu is being blown
out of proportion by media trying to create hysteria among lay people.
6) Fever accompanied by respiratory distress, should be immediately notified which is
likely to be a complication of H1N1 flu
7)The mortality is less than .01 percent of those affected, that means may be one in 10,000
affected is likely to suffer the life loss.
8) If you remember, 2 years ago SARS was blown out of proportion, what happened?

Humans develop immunity to the virus, the same is going to happen, we develop immunity
in due course of time, the virus is in the air, you can not stop it, our body is already
developing the immunity so nothing to panic.
We need to take care of children and elderly who have less immunity and do not let

them go to a crowded place that is all.


I am amazed to hear that people are selling masks of RS 20 each which are available to

less than Rupee 1 in the market.
See who is getting benefitted?

Please spread the scientific info, do not join the band wagon and stick to science, that should
be the order of the day.

Deepak Purohit

District Governor



Note : This compilation contains news items about Global Warming &
Climate change published in the media.
1.  Molecule that eats carbon dioxide may fight global warming
July 16, 2009
• The accidental discovery of a bowl-shaped molecule that pulls carbon
dioxide out of the air paves the way for exciting new possibilities to deal
with global warming.
These possibilities include genetically engineering microbes to manufacture
those carbon dioxide "catchers", said J.A. Tossell, a Maryland University
scientist who led the study.
• Tossell's new computer modeling studies found that the molecule might be
well-suited for removing carbon dioxide directly from air, in addition to
its previously described potential use as an absorbent for carbon dioxide
from electric power plants and other smoke stacks.
• These findings are slated for publication in the August issue of Inorganic
Summary from :

2. India to help Pacific Island states deal with climate change
August 7,2009
• India on Friday said it is ready to engage "constructively and
productively" with the global community to combat climate change.
• "We recongise our responsibility as a developing country and wish to
engage constructively and productively with the international community and
to add weight to global efforts to protect the environment," external
affairs minister S M Krishna said at the post-forum dialogue of Pacific
Island Forum here.
• Krishna added that India was committed to providing assistance by way of
capacity building as well as project assistance to help Pacific Island
countries in the process of adaptation to climate change and to promote the
objectives of sustainable development.
• The Small Island Developing States (SIDS) are experiencing major adverse
effects of climate change and adaptation to adverse impacts of climate
change and sea-level rise remains a major priority for them, he said.
Summary from :

3. Alaska glaciers shrinking fast, US survey says
August 7,2009
• Three major glaciers in Alaska and Washington state have thinned and
shrunk dramatically, clear signs of a warming climate, according to a study
released Thursday by the US Geological Survey.
• Scientists are keeping a close watch on melting glaciers, as a rise in
sea-levels would threaten coastal and low-lying areas around the world.
• Ed Josberger, the Tacoma, Washington-based USGS hydrologist who
coordinated the study, said the results from the Gulkana, Wolverine and
South Cascade glaciers mirror worldwide trends.

"There is no doubt that most mountain glaciers are shrinking worldwide in
response to a warming climate," Josberger said in a statement released by
the Department of Interior.
Summary from :

Disclaimer: Opinions expressed in the above articles are those of the
respective newspapers/sources, not those of Khabri-Lal

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