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Note : This compilation contains news items about Global Warming &
Climate change published in the media.
1.  Molecule that eats carbon dioxide may fight global warming
July 16, 2009
• The accidental discovery of a bowl-shaped molecule that pulls carbon
dioxide out of the air paves the way for exciting new possibilities to deal
with global warming.
These possibilities include genetically engineering microbes to manufacture
those carbon dioxide "catchers", said J.A. Tossell, a Maryland University
scientist who led the study.
• Tossell's new computer modeling studies found that the molecule might be
well-suited for removing carbon dioxide directly from air, in addition to
its previously described potential use as an absorbent for carbon dioxide
from electric power plants and other smoke stacks.
• These findings are slated for publication in the August issue of Inorganic
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2. India to help Pacific Island states deal with climate change
August 7,2009
• India on Friday said it is ready to engage "constructively and
productively" with the global community to combat climate change.
• "We recongise our responsibility as a developing country and wish to
engage constructively and productively with the international community and
to add weight to global efforts to protect the environment," external
affairs minister S M Krishna said at the post-forum dialogue of Pacific
Island Forum here.
• Krishna added that India was committed to providing assistance by way of
capacity building as well as project assistance to help Pacific Island
countries in the process of adaptation to climate change and to promote the
objectives of sustainable development.
• The Small Island Developing States (SIDS) are experiencing major adverse
effects of climate change and adaptation to adverse impacts of climate
change and sea-level rise remains a major priority for them, he said.
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3. Alaska glaciers shrinking fast, US survey says
August 7,2009
• Three major glaciers in Alaska and Washington state have thinned and
shrunk dramatically, clear signs of a warming climate, according to a study
released Thursday by the US Geological Survey.
• Scientists are keeping a close watch on melting glaciers, as a rise in
sea-levels would threaten coastal and low-lying areas around the world.
• Ed Josberger, the Tacoma, Washington-based USGS hydrologist who
coordinated the study, said the results from the Gulkana, Wolverine and
South Cascade glaciers mirror worldwide trends.

"There is no doubt that most mountain glaciers are shrinking worldwide in
response to a warming climate," Josberger said in a statement released by
the Department of Interior.
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