Monday, August 17, 2009

Update on Campaign Cooordinator for I AM NO LAB RAT Delhi campaign

Dear all,


Please send out the Job Profile for the Delhi I AM NO LAB RAT campaign to as many

NGO people as you are in touch with, University Professors, especially
Departments of Social Work at DU, JNU and Jamia. Who will have the contacts?


You could use the following covering note; please do make it more intimate/formal as
per the recepient.  Also it will be good if we can use the
ID to send this around.






Dear ______


As you know, the 2nd phase of the I AM NO LAB RAT Campaign was kick-started on
the 1st of July by noted singer Rabbi Shergill with a Cycle Rally of citizens dressed as
indigenous "threatened" vegetables, followed by an outreach effort with eminent religious
leaders and a vibrant day-long Brinjal Festival at Dilli Haat.


However, we now need to increase and intensify our sensitisation efforts, reaching out to
every Delhi'ite possible through targeting RWA's, students at University, and experienced
and interested NGO-workers; with a focus on keeping the issue alive in the media with
weekly updates and fortnightly events. 


For this, we are looking for a full-time Campaign Coordinator, preferably with experience in
campaigning for people's democratic rights. Awareness about the issue of the serious ecological,
health and economic hazards of GM crops is preferable, though not necessary. Remuneration,
paid as a Fellowship, would be reasonable.


Those interested may apply before the 31st of August 2009 to


Please circulate this mail amongst all those qualified and interested amongst civil-society
groups and friends/accquaintances.


Warm regards,

_Radha Kapuria_______________

=91 9871334266

for the Convening Collective in Delhi,

I AM NO LAB RAT Campaign


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