Thursday, December 3, 2009

SAPNEY - AID Gurgaon Calendar Drive - Book your copy now!!


About the Calendar Drive
AID Gurgaon is running a awareness and fund collection drive through the distribution of its Calendars with the theme SAPNEY - Dreams of a brighter tomorrow. Through SAPNEY, we have tried to capture the zillion dreams that our children carry in their hearts:

Aaakhon mein hain sapne hazaar,
Anek rango se hain meri duniya sarobar,
Aasha ke pahiyon pe main hoon savaar,
Kya honge mere sapney sakaar...

Check out the calendar online (Book you calendar by filling the online form at the end of this webpage) (Leave your comments; post album to your profile)

How can you contribute
1. Take a calendar:
For yourself and gift it to your loved ones too
2. Spread the word:
Share the calendar with your teammates and tell them about it
3. Become our ambassador: Consult/convince your HR department and/or your CSR cell to make a bulk order. Alternatively ask for permission to put up a stall in your company.

Contact points for orders or for any queries
Munish Duvedi: 9999623000
Bani Kukreja: 9818647997
Anshul Sachdev: 9873469546


Why are we raising this money
More than raising funds, this is an opportunity to showcase the dreams of our children, to spread a word of goodness around, and to see the dream come true in front of our very own eyes.....

Lets spread a 1000 hopes, lets spwan a 1000 dreams, lets awake a 1000 individuals to the wonderful world that we can have and that our children deserve.......

Look forward to hearing from you all......



P.S. Bulk orders
: For bulk orders, please call 9873469546. We can get company logos printed on the Calendar on a minimum bulk order of 200 copies, and thereby customize the calendar to your company.


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

AID-Delhi Environment Cell Electronic Newsletter 15


AID-Delhi Environment Cell Electronic Newsletter 15  
Posted On: December 1,2009
Compiled By : AID-Delhi Environment Cell
Note : This compilation contains news items about Global Warming &
Climate change published in the media.
1.  Al Gore crusades against global warming


November 11, 2009


  • The solution to climate change includes windmills, along with solar and geothermal energy, Gore told The Chronicle in an interview.
  • "There is a common thread running through the climate crisis, the economic crisis and the national security crisis," said Gore, who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007. "The common thread that runs through all three of these crises is our ridiculous overdependence on carbon-based fuels. So if you pull that thread, all three of these crises unravel and you hold the answer in your hand."
  • Gore urged the remaining skeptics of man-caused global warming to at least support the effort to build the economy, create new jobs and reduce dependence on foreign oil by installing solar, wind and geothermal power and build an electrical grid to support the new technology.

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2.  Global warming eroding Goa beaches: Governor


November 23, 2009

  • Goa Governor S.S. Sidhu Monday warned that the ill-effects of global warming were fast knocking at the state's doors and eroding its beaches. 
  • Sidhu's statement comes in wake of nearly 10% of Goa beaches such as Calangute, Candolim and Baga being eroded by the rising sea.
  • According to a recent report compiled by the state Water Resources Department (WRD), the residence of Goa governor, Cabo Raj on a hillside which overlooks the sea, is under threat of erosion.

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3.  Dalai Lama urges world to act on climate change

November 30,2009


  • The world's leaders must prioritize the issue of global warming above all else, the Dalai Lama said Monday, adding that he feels encouraged by next month's climate change summit in Copenhagen.

·         The Dalai Lama plans to celebrate the 20th anniversary of his Nobel Peace Prize in Australia on Dec. 10. He will present seeds he has blessed to attendees of his talks as a symbol of individuals' responsibility to act on climate change.

·         Australia is one of the world's worst carbon dioxide polluters per capita because of its heavy reliance on its abundant coal reserves. As the driest continent after Antarctica, it is also considered one of the most vulnerable countries to climate change.

·         The government plan would institute a tax on industries' carbon emissions starting in 2011 and limit Australia's overall pollution. The government wants to slash Australia's emissions by up to 25 percent below 2000 levels by 2020 if the U.N. can agree on tough global targets at Copenhagen.



Disclaimer: Opinions expressed in the above articles are those of the

respective newspapers/sources, not those of AID-Delhi Environment Cell

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