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Invitation for University Awareness Drive at IP college (5th sept)


"Toofano ko cheer ke, manzilo ko cheenle,

Aashayein khile dil ki, umeedein hase dil ki,

ab mushkil nahi kuch bhi, nahi kuch bhi"


The name says it all, AID Aashayein is all about hope for a better tomorrow


Thus, to celebrate the spirit of volunteering


We at Aashayein heartily welcome you to join us for


University Awareness Drive


Venue: Indraprastha College,

     Delhi University

    31,Shamnath marg,

Civil lines,


Date: 5th September 2009

Time: 11 am onwards





  • Aashayein Movie Screening
  • Exclusive Aashayein stall for showcasing AID merchandise
  • Fund raising through T shirts and Handmade bag
  • Volunteer Orientation Program
  • Flyers will be distributed
  • Volunteer Registration Form for visitors


So please come along with your friends and family as your support is invaluable





Anandita, Deboshree,Harpreet, Neelu,Nikita, Prachi,Srishti, Swastik,Vipra 



    'some ppl want it to happenn
                      some wish it would happen
                                                       others make it happen'



Visit us:




Jamghat's Night Walk

Hi all,
The streets of Delhi are the homes to lots of children. These children
are forced to live in harsh health-impeding conditions. You can help raise
awareness and bring Delhi a step closer to eradicating this issue by working
with or aiding Jamghat.
Jamghat is a NGO in New Delhi which works for the rehabilitation of
street children into the mainstream. Founded in 2003 we have a shelter
housing 15 children, where we have rehabilitated more than 35 children. A
day care facility is also available to the children. It offers the children
a chance to use sanitized washroom facilities, weekly checkups from a
doctor, and a chance to play. Jamghat uses the street and stage theatre as a
medium to build self confidence in their children and also build awareness
in the society on key social issues related to the lives and stories of
children, especially street children 
Every month Jamghat organizes a walk into the life of street children
around JAMA MASJID and OLD DELHI AREA.  The aim of the project is to
generate awareness about street children living in Delhi and to help them in
living a life of their choice in a healthy way. The programme is undertaken
during the night when most of the people finish off their days work and
recede back to their secure homes and these children are left alone on the
streets to battle through the evils of night. Their night life offers them
many difficulties rendered through their exposed surrounding. It is then
that their true nature of surviving in such a non conducive environment is
brought to life. We interact with them and increase our awareness about them
and their life. The main objective is to understand the difficulty of being
a street child.
            We would like you to join us on this Night Walk on September 19,
2009. Your participation in this walk will do a great deal in helping the
street children of Delhi. So please join on this evening and help support a
great cause.
Programme Coordinator
Phone- +91 11 29522112
Mobile- + 91 9811656740
Web :-

AID-NCR Environment Cell Electronic Newsletter 12

Posted On: September 2,2009
Compiled By : AID-Delhi Environment Cell
Note : This compilation contains news items about Global Warming &
Climate change published in the media.
1.  Global warming melting glaciers: US Geological Survey
Submitted by Justin Sorkin on Sun, 08/09/2009
• The US Geological Survey has unveiled an alarming fact that global warming
has melted glaciers in North America at an accelerating rate since 1958.
• Melting of glaciers at an accelerating rate would definitely result into
drought risks and rising sea levels.
•  The survey shows that both, the Wolverine and Gulkana glaciers have lost
approximately 15 percent of their mass since 1958. While, the South Cascade
Glacier has lost almost a quarter of its mass.
• Scientists say that thinning glaciers are clearly the outcome of global
Summary from :

2. A global climate deal must be simpler, fairer, and more flexible than
Caus Leggewie , Monday 24 August 2009
• Limiting global warming to 2C above preindustrial levels is absolutely
crucial, says the G8 and most of the world's best climatologists. If this is
to be more than lip service, the consequences will be radical.
• Rich nations cannot continue as before, emerging industrial countries must
leave the old industrial-based path to prosperity, and the rest of the world
may not even embark upon it. Yet the negotiations on emissions limits with
each of the 192 signatory countries in the run-up to the UN climate change
summit in Copenhagen in December 2009 have so far given no indication of so
radical a change. 
• A global climate deal must be simpler, fairer, and more flexible than is
today's Kyoto Protocol. To achieve this, the Global Change Council of
Germany (WGBU) suggests that a budget formula be adopted.
• A responsible global climate policy thus entails a fundamental change of
international relations, and making the necessary institutional innovations
in global governance requires courage.
Summary from :

3. Climate change hits millions in Nepal
PTI 28 August 2009 
• Millions of people in Nepal face severe food shortage as changing weather
patterns hit crop production in the country,an international agency warned
on  Friday.
• According to the report, "Even the Himalayas Have Stopped Smiling: Climate
Change, Poverty and Adaptation in Nepal", more than 3.4 million people in
Nepal are estimated to require food assistance, due to a combination of
natural disasters, including last year's winter drought -- one of the worst
in the country's history.
• Among recent changes in weather patterns in Nepal are an increase in
temperature extremes, more intense rainfall and increased unpredictability
in weather patterns, including drier winters and delays in the summer

Summary from :

Disclaimer: Opinions expressed in the above articles are those of the
respective newspapers/sources, not those of AID-NCR Environment Cell

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