Monday, October 5, 2009

Night Walk | JAMGHAT | DELHI | Stand Up Campaign

Dear Friend,

The streets of Delhi are the homes to lots of children. These children
are forced to live in harsh health-impeding conditions. You can help
raise awareness and bring Delhi a step closer to eradicating this
issue by working with or aiding Jamghat.
Jamghat is a NGO in New Delhi which works for the rehabilitation of
street children into the mainstream. Founded in 2003 we have a shelter
housing 15 children, where we have rehabilitated more than 35
children. A day care facility is also available to the children. It
offers the children a chance to use sanitized washroom facilities,
weekly checkups from a doctor, and a chance to play. Jamghat uses the
street and stage theatre as a medium to build self confidence in their
children and also build awareness in the society on key social issues
related to the lives and stories of children, especially street
Every month Jamghat organizes a walk into the life of street children
around JAMA MASJID and OLD DELHI AREA.  The aim of the project is to
generate awareness about street children living in Delhi and to help
them in living a life of their choice in a healthy way. The programme
is undertaken during the night when most of the people finish off
their days work and recede back to their secure homes and these
children are left alone on the streets to battle through the evils of
night. Their night life offers them many difficulties rendered through
their exposed surrounding. It is then that their true nature of
surviving in such a non conducive environment is brought to life. We
interact with them and increase our awareness about them and their
life. The main objective is to understand the difficulty of being a
street child.

This time the Night walk is of special  interest as we will be
mobilizing people to support UN's Stand Up Campaign. On this day,
millions of people all around the world will take part in a united
action of standing up in support of the end of poverty and the
fulfillment of the Millennium Development Goals

We would like you to join us on this Night Walk on October18, 2009
from 8pm onwards at Golcha Cinema, Daryaganj.
 Your participation in this walk will do a great deal in helping the
street children of Delhi. So please join on this evening and help
support a great cause.
Please follow the given link which will give you an idea about the
Stand up Campaign.


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Phone- +91 11 29522112
Mobile- + 91 9811656740
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