Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Anti-corruption Anna movement

Some valid questions raised against the Anti-corruption Anna movement and their responses by me:


Q:When you mobilize people telling them that only street protests and blackmail do, then I am not sure whether I call that democratic?


A:When our elected MP says "if you are fed up with me don't come now, come after 5 years" and do not vote for me, but I will do whatever I like for 5 years as you elected me for 5 years. So if I was being looted everywhere I go and did not get respite then raising my concern in peaceful protest becomes undemocratic/castiest/maoist/religious. Why can't we have an annual appraisal system like in every job we have


2. What is Team Anna trying to prove here?


ANS:From my perspective they are as fed up with the system(SCAMS) as me or any common man of India. They wanted to have at least a check on the conduct of Govt Officials through an official channel itself. A simple question: Let's assume hypothetically that you lives below poverty line and need a ration card and more importantly ration every month at subsidized rate. But you need to pay BRIBES to have that. Since you don't have the money to pay for bribe, you won't get all these benefits. As we are from that privileged class where we can get our work done by paying bribes which we can afford, but where would a man with no or very very low income go? Who will listen to them? And believe me this happens.


3. Don't you think that "My Way or Highway" mantra is unconstitutional to say the least?


ANS: Yes. I agree. But what they are demanding is the discussion on the bill and transparency in the institution. Govt. has already labeled this movement as Religious/casteist/foreign hand/maoist as same to Team Anna. If any of this is true then by this time there would have been violent protests like we are seeing in Lybia/Syria or Egypt.


4. And what precedent is this going to set for the future for the democracy?


ANS:It is setting an example that in future every Politician is answerable to the public which elects him/her.


5. Will a Lokpal is going to end the corruption that has become institutionalized?


ANS:No not completely and I don't think anybody is saying that. But should NOT we start somewhere to eradicate it? This is the first baby step towards that direction.


6. It is entirely possible to oppose the UPA government's politics and policies, while recognizing that it is the legitimately constituted government of the country.


ANS: No it is not. Since we still do not have support of everyone, we cannot fully oppose the govt's dictatorial policies. We have road tax but no roads or bad roads, service tax but no services.. Just think about it for a moment, our PM hasn't won any election till date, is NOT a Lok Sabha member, he is a Rajya Sabha member which is called a back door entry into the parliament. Can't UPA find a single member from Lok Sabha (the famed elected representatives) , that they have to take a person from RS to lead the govt.


Eveybody think.......



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