Thursday, April 1, 2010

India's one more step with RTE.

Hi all,

Congratulations!! After more then 6 year from tomorrow Right to education
act(RTE act) is coming into force.

Congratulation!! India's one more step with "Right of children to free and
compulsory education act"

Right of children to free and compulsory education act (Or Right to
education act (RTE))

Necessarily of act for:

* Legislates provision of free and compulsory elementary and secondary
* Provides for a school in every neighborhood
* Provides for a School Monitoring Committee - elected representatives
of the community to ensure proper functioning
* Mandates that no child in the age group 6-14 shall be employed

Could be used for:

-- To eradicate child labors.

-- To eradicate family prostitution, Devadasi.


* Every child who has attained the age of 6 years shall have the right
to participate in full time elementary education and to complete it,

* No child or her family shall be subjected to any screening procedure
by a school
* while deciding about admission to the school at the elementary
stage, nor shall the family be required to make any payment in the nature of
capitation fee.

* State and Central government are responsible for availability of a
neighborhoods school and for free education of a child(6 to 14 years)

* No teacher shall engage himself or herself in private tuition or
teaching activity.

* No teacher of a state or fully-aided school shall be deployed for
any noneducational purpose except for decennial population census, election
to local authorities, State Legislatures and Parliament, and disaster relief

* It specifies reservation of 25% seats in private schools for
children from poor families, prohibits the practice of unrecognized schools,
and makes provisions for no donation or capitation and no interview of the
child or parent for the admission.

* No child in school shell be held back in any class or expelled from
school till completion of elementary education.

* No child shall be subjected to physical harassment.

* Prepare children above the age of three years for elementary
education and to provide early childhood care and education for all children
until they complete the age of six years.

* It also include standards for Pupil-Teacher ratio, working days,
working hours.

For complete act:


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