Thursday, March 18, 2010

Is Dowry a Cause or an Effect ??

Hi all,

As a continuation to the update on formation of AID NCR Women Rights e-group, we are looking forward for inputs from AID volunteers, regarding their perception on the issues surrounding women rights, ranging from Dowry, Female Foeticide, Neglect of girl child, Subjugation of women in Indian society, etc.

This is an important step for us, before going forward, as we need to be in the same boat for understanding the gravity of the issues, and consequently the actions required henceforth.

Apart from discussing different issues in isolation, whether Dowry or Female Foeticide, we also need to reflect over, as in what are the root causes behind it.

Is Dowry a Cause or an Effect of the suppression of women in Indian society??

Do Female Foeticides happen in India only because of fear of dowry or also because it is assumed that men are more fit to carry forward the "family names" in the next generation in an existing male dominated society??

A study shows that India aborts 500,000 female foetuses a year, and since 1976 up to 10 million female foetuses have been selectively aborted in India. (Source: ).

As mentioned in a news article in The Hindu, the author says, " No right is more basic than the right to be born rather than be killed because you are going to be a female. The rapid growth of female foeticide tells us how far away India has moved from its Constitution’s vision of gender equality.

In a collection of research studies on female foeticide edited by Tulsi Patel, eminent demographer Ashish Bose has called the phenomenon a signifier of ‘civilisational collapse.’ The most depressing aspect of Tulsi Patel’s volume is the evidence it provides us to appreciate that the growth of female foeticide is linked to rising literacy, prosperity and modernisation, not poverty and backwardness."
(Source: )

We need to realize that many of the gender issues, which we may shrug off, saying that it is mainly prevalent in rural and backward areas, may be present in much more heinous forms among the urban and educated families.

As quoted from another news article "The census figures illustrate that it is some of the richer states of the country where the problem is most acute (of declining sex ratios) such as Punjab, which has only 798 girls, Haryana 819, Delhi 868 and Gujarat 883 girls per 1,000 boys." ( Source: )

Kindly let us know your views surrounding gender issues and the probable root causes behind it. Once we have reached some consensus on it; we can plan further action steps to be taken.

P.S.: Please join the e-group for AID NCR Women Rights at for being part of the further discussions.


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