Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Join the "Colloquium on Bt Brinjal and Food Security"

Dear friends,

You have probably heard about Genetically Modified (GM) foods and Bt Brinjal in particular – various news media have news stories and other articles on this issue almost on a daily basis and you must have also understood that there is a raging controversy going on right now around the world on whether this technology poses more risks than positive outcomes…..

While a handful of countries around the world have gone in for GM crop cultivation, a majority of countries have decided against it including a majority in the developed world. India is now on the verge of making a decision on whether a GM food crop in the form of Bt Brinjal (a brinjal plant in which a bacterial gene has been inserted to produce a new toxin targeted at a particular pest) should be allowed into the country.  

In this context, did you ever feel that you don't really know enough about this and would like to know more? Did you ever feel that you can make up your mind better if you are given a chance to listen to all sides of this controversy? 

Here is your chance to take part, learn, make up your mind and then exercise your rights as a citizen ofIndia, to make informed choices about the food that you consume to sustain yourself. 

Come, join a day long event at Jawaharlal Nehru University on January 27th 2010, which promises to be a very exciting, knowledge-filled and enlightening event with the proponents and opponents of transgenic agriculture warring it out in front of you, mediated by experts on the subject.

Join the “Colloquium on Bt Brinjal and Food Security" organized by JNU’s Centre of Social Medicine and Community Health along with the Hazards Centre, Delhi.

Attached is a warm invitation to you to join us for this event and be informed.




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