Monday, November 16, 2009

Inviting you to join the RALLY FOR THE RIGHT TO FOOD on 26th November, 2009 from Mandi House to Parliament Street, New Delhi. Time 10.00am-04.00pm. Please circulate this widely.

Inviting you to join the

Rally for the RIGHT to FOOD   

26 November 2009 (New Delhi)

A rally outside Parliament demanding the passage of a comprehensive Food Entitlements Act and effective interventions in drought stricken areas.

Organized by

The Right to Food Campaign.

Route: Mandi House to Parliament Street (followed by demo outside Parliament.

Assembly time: 10 am.  Rally and demo: 11.00 am- 5.00pm


Dear All,

Greetings from the Right to Food Campaign Secretariat, New Delhi.

This is to invite you once again for a rally on the 26th of November, 2009 to demand the passage of a comprehensive Food Entitlements Act and effective interventions in drought stricken areas.

The country is faced by severe drought and spiraling food prices. The situation of hunger and malnutrition in the country is exacerbated even more than usual.  The UPA government's response to rampant and growing hunger has been mere talk of a farcical National Food Security Act which does nothing to address food security concerns. Now, even this inadequate attempt has been shelved on the pretext of tackling the drought first, though in fact, there is total inaction on the drought.

The campaign's essentials demands, and working draft of a Food Entitlements Act, emerged out of a collective process including consultations held in Delhi on 18th June, 11th July and 17th September (for details, see “Right to Food Act” section at

To press these demands, the Right to Food Campaign is planning a mass rally and demonstration on 26th November, 2009 outside parliament house (at Jantar Mantar). The rally will begin from Mandi house (assembly time 10 am). 

We appeal to you to join this rally in full strength. We also request you to support this initiative by:

a) Organising signature campaigns in your area and bringing the signatures for display in the rally. The signatures can be collected on sarees or banners using the attached documents as a mobilising tool.

b) Distributing and communicating the charter of demands for the march and mobilising as many as possible to participate in the rally.

c) Helping to mobilise participants for the 26th November rally.

d) Helping to raise funds for the rally.

We attach the following documents: (a) Charter of demands for the rally in English and Hindi; (b) Summary of the demands as parcha in english and Hindi; (c)  Invitation to the rally in Hindi.

Please consider translating some of these documents in the local language.

Please drop us a line about your participation, including the number of people from your group so that we can make adequate logistic arrangements. Please help us spread the word regarding this rally.  You can contact those below for enquiries. Let us make this rally a success!!


With regards,

Right to Food Campaign Secretariat

(On behalf of the steering group of the campaign)


Secretariat Office: 011-26499563

Kavita Srivastava- 009351562965

Annie Raja- 9868181992

Biraj Patnaik-09868828474

Eklavya- 09810828817

Trishna- 09891768050



Where to Assemble: Mandi House at 10.00am

Distance from:

Old Delhi Railway station to Mandi house: 13 kms

New Delhi  Railway Station to Mandi house: 6 kms

Nizammudin Railway Station to Mandi house: 10 kms app.


P.S : We request those who need accommodation to bring their own blankets and other warm clothes.

Secretariat - Right to Food Campaign
5 A, Jungi House,
Shahpur Jat, New Delhi 110049.
Phone - 91 -11 -2649 9563

Read all the developments towards Right to Food Act, 2009  here :



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