Thursday, September 17, 2009

Call for Volunteers - SRIJAN - Towards a Beggar Free Society

Srijan was started under AID NCR with the aim of putting an end to the beggary menace in the city. The problem has burgeoned to such proportions in the country that until and unless we (public and law enforcement bodies) work together to discourage the practice of beggary, the situation would get worse day by day.


Our ideology is to stir the mass to come up with ideas and solutions to tackle the issue. Ignoring this issue is not the solution, nor is giving alms to beggars. We say "Don't encourage begging, they need your support more than your sympathy. STOP and THINK before you give alms. Are you really helping them or pushing them further into this marsh called Beggary??" 


Give them a penny, you feed them for a day;

teach them a trade, you feed them for life!!|

As some of us might know that in lieu of Commonwealth games in the country next year, the Delhi Govt. has aimed to make Delhi beggar free. A lot of activities are going on in terms of mobile courts, open shelters and beggar homes. And there is an urgent need for the general public also to rise and work for this campaign.


We have done some ground work in terms of Flyers, banners, Email, Pledge, and Questionnaire...which would be directed to the public through various modes of communication. We require a good number of volunteers from Delhi-NCR region for the next 6-12 months. 


Interested volunteers are requested to kindly fill in the volunteer registration form at SRIJAN


For any further details/queries, please write back or speak with me


Anupam Roongta

+91 9910773500



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